Notations From the Grid (Special Edition): On Being Safe Online

 We here at the Daily Outsider take online safety very seriously.     Our banking partner, Wells Fargo Bank, shared this guidance which we hereby present as a special edition to all our Platforms so that all are aware and take the necessary precautions.   We implore all to be careful out there:

 Important InformationDear Wells Fargo Customer,Keeping your accounts and information safe is critically important to us. That’s why we’re proactively advancing our security and continually investing in account safety measures, such as strong encryption software and ongoing monitoring of suspicious activity.We also want to help you avoid fraudulent schemes. Email and text message scams, known as phishing, can be difficult to distinguish from legitimate messages. They may impersonate a reputable company and include an urgent request for you to update your information, secure your account, verify your identity, or confirm a transaction. You may be prompted to call a phone number, sign on to a fraudulent website, or respond with personal or account information.What you can do to help protect yourself

• Don’t click on links, open attachments, or respond to unexpected emails or text messages from suspicious or unknown senders.

• Don’t share your online banking password with anyone.

• Don’t sign on to your account from a link in a suspicious message. Access a company’s website by using a reputable search engine or typing the entire URL into your browser. For Wells Fargo, type or use the Wells Fargo Mobile® app.If you receive an unexpected request for information from your bank

Verify it by calling the number on the back of your debit or credit card. For more information on how to spot and report suspicious emails or text messages that appear to be from Wells Fargo, go to you for banking with Wells Fargo.


Your Wells Fargo team

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